Experiencing Chronic Back Pain? Here are potential causes and treatment options

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Chronic muscle pain refers to a continuous and repetitive discomfort that occurs in a specific part of your body. Some common areas where you might struggle with chronic muscle pain include the legs, back, arms, or neck. The upper and lower back areas are common for experiencing chronic pain. This is because many people spend hours in front of a computer screen while working and others may be involved in frequent heavy lifting at work or in the gym.

Here are some popular causes of chronic back pain and how you can resolve the issue through chiropractic treatment.

1.    Poor posture when using a computer

Poor ergonomics is a common reason why people end up with chronic back pain. You may be seated too far away from the computer screen, causing you to lean forward for long hours while working. Using a desk and chair of the wrong height may also cause you to strain your upper/lower back.

In most cases, workers may end up feeling sore along the lower spinal cord because of leaning forward for hours at a time. If your chair is too stiff and at a lower height than your table, you may also end up feeling soreness/pain in your upper back and shoulder muscles.


As soon as you start experiencing discomfort in your upper or lower back, you should adjust your sitting position. Make sure that you maintain an upright posture without having to lean forward or backward. Your arms should also be stretched out and level with the desk. If the chronic back pain persists, contact a chiropractor to gently massage the affected muscles and ease soreness.

2.    Heavy lifting

Heavy lifting occurs more often than you might think. For example, some people lift heavy boxes while at work, while others carry heavy bags to school/work. Pregnant women may also experience chronic pain from the foetus, while carrying a newborn around may also exert pressure on the neck and shoulders.


People experiencing muscle pain from the activities above should consider making adjustments to their daily activities. For example, when you experience soreness, you should adjust your positioning and apply ice to the sore muscle.

Also make sure that you bend your knees before lifting heavy items, and avoid heavy physical activity while pregnant. A chiropractor can also gently massage sore muscles to reduce inflammation and discomfort.  

3.    Raised arms for lengthy periods

Another common cause of chronic pain is keeping your arms raised in an unnatural position for long periods at a time. This may occur during many different situations, including while working out in the gym or even cleaning your home.


Make sure you regularly adjust your arm positioning and stretch your arms when you start feeling sore. Applying ice to the joints or shoulder (for 20 minutes at a time) is also an effective way of easing chronic discomfort.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, contact a chiropractor near you.

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